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2011-10-30 13:32:54 by recklessmonk


2011-10-02 23:07:06 by recklessmonk

yo zup ppl,Im glad to announce that I'm back on a mission.Soon part of my new works will be uploaded.


2011-01-25 01:25:24 by recklessmonk

Well,hello there from Baltic States,Riga.Right now we gotta a lot of snow and -8 outside.But I sitting in my room and trying new reason 5.0.What can I say about it?It's freakin' mad stuff man,new posibilities and things...u know,they make me feel like Im on drugs ;DDD Propably my new work (whatuknowaboutthestereo?) was maded in fucked up mood(08:23p.m.),and it's reason 5.0 fault ;DDD Also Im trying to feel up piano coz it sounds so fckin sweet.<3

B.T.W: Comment my works plz,coz im new in reason.I wanna grow up with u ppl.C'mon.

B.T.W.2(;D): Sometimes Im blowing up the clubs,and here is video with me in "Black Friday" club from last event "BeerPong Championship" ;DDD Check it out! fjqY